About the Artist


Amanda D. OlsonAs an artist who has worked in the industry for twenty years, I can tell you that each new job, client, success and failure—every single experience—has helped shape me into the skilled and dedicated creative person that I am today. Design, illustration, writing, and teaching all hold a special place in my heart. As hard as I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to adequately tease one skill apart from the others. I can’t imagine performing a task requiring primarily one skill without leaning heavily on the others. Maybe that comes from my “upbringing” in this creative field.

A little background

Starting out in a direct mail catalog company helped me learn the ropes and all that goes into publishing, marketing, printing, and designing a publication for print—and doing it on tight deadlines. Later, when I worked as a graphic designer in a design boutique and eventually joined the team at an advertising agency, I refined and polished those skills.

I moved on to develop and teach a graphic design career program at the high school level. While that was a huge undertaking, I count it as one of the greatest joys and learning experiences of my career. But while I enjoyed my students, I also missed collaborating with my clients and colleagues. So I moved back into the mainstream workforce. Most recently, I’ve been able to combine my passion with teaching and graphic design in my full-time role as an elearning course developer.

Why I do this

I thrive on the challenge of finding solutions to my client’s communication needs. That may require anything from writing an advertising headline with stopping power and then driving that point home supporting copy and imagery, inviting a toddler to open a children’s book with bold and playful illustrations, or creating an immersive online learning experience for a devoted student.

I love what I do. Every aspect of this business adds texture to my life. And each day offers me an opportunity to learn and create in a brand new way. A voracious appetite for new technology and education keeps me busy and can include anything from honing my copywriting skills to exploring animation and multi-media in my illustration work. Beyond that, I enjoy meeting and working with talented people and the unique ideas that they bring to the table. And I look forward to working with you, too!